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Paying off student loan debt can be overwhelming and confusing. With so many options available for repayment, borrowers often don’t know which way to turn. When you speak with an NFCC Certified Credit Counselor, you get a better understanding of those options with a one-on-one, comprehensive review of your finances and a repayment plan that works best for your situation.

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Using this online tool, see if you qualify for a lower payment, plus forgiveness or cancellation all in about 20 minutes! Since the payment moratorium ended in October, users have found about $331 in savings per month on their loan payments. Plus, we’ve identified some level of forgiveness for 55% of users. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out risk-free – no credit card required.

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We are experts on the ins and outs of student borrowing and repayment, standing by with the tools you need to improve your circumstances. Beyond your student loan debt, our certified credit counselors help to create a plan that benefits your overall financial well-being. Even if other financial issues arise over time, our counselors are here to serve as a resource and help every step of the way.

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Student Loan Counseling



We will complete a thorough evaluation of your entire personal financial situation including: current income, living expenses, all debt and your long-term goals.



After a full review, we will create a game plan that tackles your student loan debt without undermining your short and long-term goals.



Our final assessment will look beyond income-based programs and consolidation to see if other avenues for retiring your debt are available and make more sense for you.

Ready to connect with a counselor?
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