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Partners and Donors

Our Partners Make Our Services Possible

Strength of Our Network

NFCC member agencies exemplify the industry gold standard for nonprofit credit counseling.

The support we receive is far from limited with partners continuously broadcasting our message to stakeholders and consumers through their communication channels and providing distribution, talent, technology, and funding to help the NFCC and its member agencies provide critical financial skills to consumers.

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Whatever your income or financial situation, we have counselors ready to help you with a personalized action plan and resources.

Cohesive relationships help us form alliances and keep us attuned to matters affecting our sector and consumers.

As our environment continues to change, creditors engage foundations and their community outreach teams, for support.

Consumers are adapting to new technology and social forums. Our ability to keep up to date in this arena will define our future success.

Where Does Our Support Come From?

Our ability to provide consumers with equal access to trusted, comprehensive solutions is directly the result of our ever-growing network. Working together with like-minded organizations and member agencies has made it possible for us to provide quality financial counseling and education and continue our mission to improve financial health for ALL Americans.

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A National Movement

According to recent survey data, nearly 70 million Americans indicate they would turn to nonprofit credit counseling for help with their financial challenges. We are committed and proud to work alongside our valued partners who help us expand our capacity to serve more Americans. We’re leading a movement that provides access to all with an excellent range of programs to help overcome financial hurdles. Interested in supporting the NFCC?

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