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Turning Your Homeownership Dream Into an Address

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Home Is Right Within Reach

Homeownership can seem like a big leap or even an unimaginable goal, but it’s more than possible with the right effort and expert guidance. The NFCC is here to help you achieve your dream of successful, stress-free, long-term homeownership.

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Envisioning Homeownership

The Envisioning Homeownership Program provides critical pre-purchase counseling services to help you achieve homeownership. Once you successfully complete the program, you’ll receive an NFCC Mortgage-Ready Certificate, which identifies you as an ideal future homeowner, ready to apply for a mortgage with a lender that participates in the program.

The Program Will Help You:

Qualify for mortgage and down payment assistance from our partner organizations.

Establish a personalized plan tailored to your unique financial goals for you and your family.

Overcome your current financial challenges, including student loans, credit cards, and small business debt.

Master the insights and lessons provided by the pre-purchase education course.

Advantages of Homeownership

Rent steadily continues to rise, but the benefits simply do not. When you own your home, you avoid putting money into a landlord’s pockets and are able to put more into your own.
Here are even more ways that you can benefit.

Build Wealth in a Real Asset


Appreciate as the Value of Your Home Increases


Accommodate New Family Members Without Moving


Stabilize Your Monthly Housing Expense


Gain the Potential for Future Tax Benefits


Customize Your Living Space as You Please

Together, We Can Make
“Home Sweet Home” a Reality

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Our Program Partners

Once you’re mortgage-ready, we’ll provide you with information about the lenders and other service providers the NFCC has evaluated, approved and selected specifically to support you through the NFCC Envisioning Homeownership program.

Our program partners will work with you as you prepare to purchase a home. They also offer considerable financial incentives such as down payment assistance funding and exclusive incentives for NFCC Mortgage-Ready Certificate* holders who complete the program and qualify for a mortgage.

*Completion of the NFCC Envisioning Homeownership program and receipt of the NFCC Mortgage-Ready Certificate do not guarantee approval for a mortgage. Mortgage applications are subject to lenders’ qualification standards and review processes. However, any lender who participates in our program is ready and has expressed an interest in working with you to achieve your goal of homeownership.