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At the NFCC, we understand that rent issues can be tied to other financial challenges, like high-cost debt and low credit scores.. Our nonprofit credit counseling services offer a holistic solution, including everything from eviction prevention to debt payment strategies.

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The Wells Fargo Foundation: A Leading Force in Housing Stability

Our collaborative efforts with the Wells Fargo Foundation have led to significant strides in promoting housing stability. The Foundation’s commitment of $525 million toward affordable homeownership and the availability of affordable rentals demonstrates their dedication to the cause. By joining forces, we’re better equipped to address the challenges faced by distressed renters across the nation.

Access to Impactful Approaches

Thanks to the invaluable support from partners like the Wells Fargo Foundation and our extensive network of nonprofit Member Agencies, the NFCC can provide more people with impactful approaches to debt reduction and improved credit standing. Our team of certified credit counselors is ready to work with you one-on-one to develop personalized financial strategies tailored to your unique circumstances.

What can an NFCC-certified credit counselor do for you?

Personalized Budgeting:

Our expert credit counselors review your income, expenses, and debt to create a customized budgeting plan that aligns with your goals as a renter.

Housing Counseling:

Our specialized housing counseling services address your unique challenges as a renters. From rental assistance programs to landlord negotiations, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Financial Education & Security:

Financial education through our financial education resources and workshops, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of credit management, savings strategies, and more.

Debt Management:

We can negotiate with your creditors to get you on a manageable monthly payment plan so you have more money available to cover rent.

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