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The NFCC’s Mission

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling offers education and solutions that ensure better financial futures for all.

Our Promise


Common Good

We champion the common good for the consumer, agencies, the industry and the national economy seeking solutions that work for all.


Grounded Expertise

We bring the grounded expertise needed to solve today’s problems and plan for tomorrow’s future


Inclusive Solutions

We create inclusive solutions that provide a range of products and services (with proven long-term results) to meet a variety of consumer needs.

Keeping Diversity and Inclusion at the Forefront

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to the success of our longstanding mission to improve financial well-being for ALL people. Diversity at all levels of the NFCC lends to the direction, focus, and success of efforts to reach traditionally underserved communities with programs that earn the trust of BIPOC communities and empower individuals to achieve their financial goals.


Envisioning Homeownership

Promoting wealth-building through homeownership in ethnically diverse communities.


Small Business Owner Campaign

Working with multi-cultural marketing agencies to create a trust-building campaign with black millennial entrepreneurial women.


Faith-Based Counseling

Establishing relationships with trusted spiritual leaders in diverse communities to act as brand ambassadors.

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An Agenda Worth Advocating

We are only as strong as the network we built. That is why we continuously work with representatives from large financial institutions to advance issues like improving financial education and counseling and debt repayment. Having and maintaining these relationships is critical to our ability to provide affordable programs and options that can truly transform the financial situations of so many.



Debbie Bianucci

President and Chief Executive Officer, BAI

Christopher Camaione-Lind

Chief Administrative Officer, CCCS of Rochester

Genger Charles

Managing Director Head of External Affairs and Impact Strategy, Amherst

Mike Croxson

Chief Executive Officer, NFCC

Jay DesMarteau

Head of Commercial Banking, Northwest Bank

Jill Feldman

Chief Executive Officer, Navicore Solutions

Sarah Goldfrank

General Counsel, U.S. Credit Cards Citibank, N.A.

Michael Grossberg

Executive Vice President, Head of Operations (Credit Card, Unsecured and Small Business), Wells Fargo

Amy Hellen

Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Discover Financial Services

Kristen Holt

President and Chief Executive Officer, GreenPath Financial Wellness

George Janas

President, Consumer Debt Counselors

Kavita Kamdar

Head of Strategy and Business Development for Community Banking, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Jim Triggs

President and Chief Executive Officer, Money Management International

Faisal Uddin

Senior Vice President, Global Collections, Recovery and Operational Solutions, Synchrony

Christopher Viale

President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

Gary Vollmer

President and Chief Executive Officer, Advantage Credit Counseling Service

Eugenio Alonso

President and Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Puerto Rico

Wendy Anderson

Vice President/Secretary/Compliance and Operations Officer, Take Charge America

Phyllis Caldwell-George

President and Chief Executive Officer, Financial Pathways of the Piedmont

Mike Croxson

Chief Executive Officer, NFCC

Jill Feldman

Chief Executive Officer, Navicore Solutions

Kelly Hansen

Director of Financial Solutions, FamilyMeans Financial Solutions

Sam Hohman

Chief Executive Officer, Credit Advisors Foundation

Tom Luzon

Director, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greensboro

Becky Pakarinen

Senior Director of Financial and Employment, LSS Financial Counseling

image of Loretta Roney

Loretta Roney

President and Chief Executive Officer, InCharge Debt Solutions

Kristin Alexander

Chief Development Officer

Jessica Blais

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Erik Brandt

Marketing Manager

Barry Coleman

Vice President, Program Management & Education

Mike Croxson

Chief Executive Officer, NFCC

Ellen Goury

Vice President, Finance & Human Resources

Eric Griffith

Senior Manager, Development

Shelia Hennessy

Staff Accountant

Amy Lamb

Head of Industry Relations

Meredith Landis

Director, Program Management, Member Support and Events

Timothy Madigan

Director, Accounting & Federal Grants

Bruce McClary

Senior Vice President, Memberships & Communications

Hermond Palmer

Vice President, Outreach & Inclusion

Pamela Peterson

Senior Director, Membership & Office Operations

Jennifer Pizi

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Ribe

General Counsel

Patrick Royal

Business Analyst

Megan Stout

Director, Business Analytics & Member Systems

Alice Sweeney

Director, Creditor Relations