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Where can I get a copy of my credit report? How much does it cost?

You can get a copy of your credit report by contacting the three major credit reporting agencies. Visit to obtain free copies of your credit report.

How do I establish credit?

You need a steady work record and continued residence at the same address. If you do not have a checking account, open one and be careful not to bounce checks. You may apply for credit at a local department store or credit union. You might also consider a secured credit card, which requires you to deposit money as security for the charges you make on the card.

Does credit counseling impact your credit score?

Many people wonder if consulting with a credit counseling agency will affect their credit score. First of all, remember that your credit score is based on the information contained in your credit report, so let’s start there.

Can you fix my credit report or clean it up?

No. If negative comments on your credit report are correct, they can remain in your file for up to seven years except for bankruptcy, which can remain for up to 10 years. If you believe there are errors in your credit report you must notify the credit bureau in writing. The bureau will follow up your request with your creditor. If the creditor agrees with you your report will be changed.

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